B4 Babies

In a Nutshell

Ensuring healthy women and children by providing access to quality healthcare insurance.

  • Provides application assistance and screening for Medicaid and CHP+ health care programs
  • Provides temporary insurance cards when eligible
  • Serves 47% of all pregnant women in Mesa County
  • Assists in finding a physician and setting up prenatal appointments
  • Provides information on nutrition, growth and development, and healthy choices during pregnancy
  • Provides information and referrals to community resources
  • Translation and transportation services for spanish-speaking women
  • Baby & Me Tobacco-Free Program

Contact B4 Babies

B4 Babies & Beyond
Mesa County Community Services Building
2897 North Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Wondering How You're Going To Pay For Your Family's Health Care?

B4 Babies & Beyond provides access to quality healthcare insurance for pregnant women and children that do not have insurance or cannot afford what is offered by their employer. baby All B4 Babies & Beyond services are free of charge, culturally sensitive and diverse, and focus on lowering barriers to health care.

B4 Babies & Beyond is the only presumptive eligibility site in Mesa County offering temporary insurance cards for Medicaid and CHP+. These cards are available for both children and pregnant women.

It's important for your child to get good health and prenatal care right from the start. Children who visit the doctor and dentist often stay healthier and miss fewer days of school.

The program provides children access to primary health care providers and assists families in enrolling in a health care plan of either Medicaid or Child Health Plan (CHP+).