Following is a story from William, a Hilltop ADRC, Mesa County Human Services, and Marillac Dental client. By working together, they were able to help William regain his smile, and so much more.

Sharing this story is my way of thanking a team that has collectively restored me from last years hot and mentally gloomy summer into this years spring where nearly everything seems possible again. Im talking about my experience with Marillac Dental, Mesa County Human Services, and Hilltops ADRC program, who reaffirmed there are people who are still willing to invest in me, based on the assumption that I can, and will create a lot more value when Im both healthy and happy.

I hit bottom last summer when my financial picture was hitting a desperation stage. I was unable to afford dental care and had developed an infected abscess under two of my front teeth. Discomfort had been one thing, but now my otherwise good health was in jeopardy. I was in pain and was missing my front teeth. I became a shut in, which wasnt quite so bad as I was writing volumes upon volumes of unpublishable junk.

By the time I got to this point, the Marillac, ADRC, and AV Hunter groups had restored some hope. Without this remarkable team, Id very likely still look terrible. Not only have you all gotten my dental condition back on stable ground, but youve also helped me work through the shame that comes along with this situation. Thats no small item, and its been about far more than dental procedures. Ive also appreciated the genuine great attitudes that just seem to prevail at the clinics. Ive never seen anything like it. And, youve sent me home with the same kind of smile that Ive appreciated so much from all of you.

This smile is for all of you who have helped restore my enthusiasm for life, and contribution to society. It happened during a very productive video call about an opportunity Im now able to accept. For anyone considering donations or philanthropy, bookmark Marillac and ADRC as two institutions that are using your support to accomplish purposes that others are missing.

Thank You, team, for restoring me to a working model again.