Child and Family Services

Prenatal Services

  • Access to prenatal health care services for uninsured pregnant women including medical and dental
  • Educational information on the importance of prenatal care including nutrition, stress management, and early childhood development
  • Baby & Me Tobacco-Free program provides support, education and encouragement to help you stop smoking
  • Community referrals



Hilltop Children, Youth & Family Services - Youth Behavioral and Mental Health Care, Family Mentors
Youth Services

  • Tutoring and support to help students succeed at school
  • Mental health professionals guide youth and parents with behavioral and emotional support
  • Family Navigators provide positive role models and support
  • Teen student groups come together to share their goals and celebrate their successes
  • Community referrals


Sometimes we all need a little help getting through life’s challenges. We want to be the best parents we can and give our children the best possible start in life. Hilltop’s Child & Family Services offers a wide-array of programs with a focus on each member of the family. Our Family Navigators work with you to help create and implement a plan customized to your family’s needs. Just one call to Hilltop’s Child & Family Services can get you connected to all the tools and support you need.

540 South 1st Street
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 252-7445





Children Services

  • Individualized home visits that leave positive impressions on children and parents
  • Screenings to help identify developmental, health, vision and hearing problems
  • Access to resources based on your family’s needs including medical, dental, mental health, and education
  • Information on health, safety, sleep, nutrition, routines and discipline
  • Share support and information with other families
  • Community referrals
Family Services

  • Parenting classes give you more effective tools for your parenting toolbox
  • Learn real world life skills
  • Access to resources based on your family’s needs including medical, dental, mental health and education
  • Family Navigators provide positive role models and support
  • Wraparound services helps you build a support team to work together and help your family create and achieve their goals
  • Get tips on creating a more functional home for your family
  • Parent leadership opportunities including community involvement, event planning, parent to parent mentoring, group connections, and more
  • Community referrals

Child and Family Services

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