Hilltop Annual Report 22/23

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Where Rubber Meets the Road

Western Slope CYDC Coordinator, Rhiannon Morales Foelker found a solution with help from a community partner, to improve the lives of two local teens. 


Hilltop’s Health Access team and the Family Resource Center worked together to provide new and accessible health insurance options for people who aren’t eligible for federal support.  

Guided by Our “Why”

We asked board members, employees, volunteers, and residents to share their reasons for embracing Hilltop’s mission.

Mission Award Winners

Meet some of the exceptional Hilltoppers shaping and driving our company culture through embracing our mission and living out our company values daily.

2022/2023 Financials

A full report of our company revenue and expenses for the 2022 – 20233 financial year.

Hilltop Community Resources

With Gratitude

We can continue to create connections for families and individuals in our community because of the generosity we’re shown from community partners, funders, and donors.

View from the Top

Understanding oneself is a continual process. As a large non-profit organization, Hilltop Community Resources has mirrored that journey. Celebrating almost 75 years of dedicated service to the Western Slope community, this year, we dug deep to rediscover our “why” and closely examine our methods and impact. The result is an updated mission statement that captures the foundation of Hilltop’s services: We create connection to build a community where everyone belongs.

We tested the new mission statement’s compatibility with all our services from Hilltop’s origins in the polio era to our current diverse programs. We are confident the new mission statement reflects all we do. It also captures our proactive spirit. We are not merely observers; we actively pursue connections and anticipate community needs. Hilltop has often been described as the connective force within the local non-profit community. Over the years, numerous organizations have turned to Hilltop in dire situations for help with program management, organizational strategy and financial support. Our guiding principles are rooted in a willingness to help and an openness to possibilities.

In that spirit, the following pages highlight some of our contributions to the Western Slope community. You will read about Hilltoppers who have built trust with undocumented individuals and families to give them resources to lead healthier lives, and about a strategic community collaboration that changed the lives of two teens caught in the judicial system. By consistently putting people first, Hilltop continues to create genuine connections that elevate and strengthen our community.

Mike Stahl, CEO

Where Rubber Meets the Road | Finding Cyclical Solutions

A teenager within the foster and justice system travels a hard road. For two young men in Mesa County, currently court-involved and sharing a foster home with nine other kids, this “hard road” is both a metaphorical and literal one

To get to school, they must walk two hours, each way.

After exhausting the usual transportation options, the foster family and young men settled on bikes, only to discover their bikes were beyond repair. However, Rhiannon Morales Foelker, Hilltop’s Colorado Youth Detention Continuum (CYDC) Coordinator, recognized their struggle and looked for a solution to pave their path toward growth and success.

CYDC is a program designed to intervene and prevent court-involved youth from being detained. Case managers help families navigate complex systems and advocate for youth in court. They accompany youth when law enforcement is involved, provide families with in-home support and connect them to additional resources.

“CYDC helps people get on the right track before it’s too late,” one teen said.
When Rhiannon learned of the two teenagers’ grueling school commute, she had an idea and identified a community partner who could help improve their situation. Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Health Foundation’s Social Determinants of Health grant in partnership with Hilltop Community Resources and local bike shop, Over the Edge, the two young men could get new bikes.

Michael Vaca, General Manager of Over the Edge Sports in Fruita, Colorado explains, “Over the Edge was founded on supporting the local community, so it just made sense to partner with Hilltop for this project. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get them on bikes having fun and staying active while improving their trek to school so they can be successful.”

On a quiet Friday afternoon, Rhiannon brought both teens to Over the Edge and surprised them with two brand new BMX bikes that she sneakily had them pick out in a hypothetical “what if ” scenario. Their excitement was evident when they took the bikes for a test ride, racing through the parking lot and popping wheelies. When asked how the bikes will help, one of the young men took a deep breath and shared, “We can just get places without worrying about being on time or getting home before dark.”

Rhiannon emphasizes, “CYDC gives youth the opportunity to be successful and live beyond the labels of ‘foster youth’ or ‘juvenile delinquent.’ Working with Michael on this project exposes the boys to the biking community and gives them a good pro-social activity to participate in.”
By helping youth within these systems discover the value of community and connection, Hilltoppers like Rhiannon can redirect their paths and enable them to build a road toward success.

“CYDC gives youth the opportunity to be successful and live beyond the labels of ‘foster youth’ or ‘juvenile delinquent’.”

Rhiannon Morales Foelker | CYDC Coordinator

“CYDC gives youth the opportunity to be successful and live beyond the labels of ‘foster youth’ or ‘juvenile delinquent’.”

Rhiannon Morales Foelker | CYDC Coordinator

Omni Salud

Healthcare for Everyone

On November 1, 2023, a line of eager men, women and children wrapped around the Hilltop Family Resource Center building. Inside, it was standing room only. Families and individuals anxiously waited to enroll in OmniSalud, Colorado’s health insurance option for immigrants with undocumented status. Appropriately named “OminiSalud,” which translates to “Health for Everyone” in English, this program offers affordable health insurance to those not eligible for federal subsidies. Last year, it took OmniSalud just over a month to fill the 10,000 spots available Statewide. However, this year, due to demand, the State increased the number of spots to 11,000 which were filled in just over a single day.

Anna Cubel, a Hilltop Health Access Guide who helped people sign up, shares despite the significant need and high turnout, many people were hesitant to apply. “They were unsure if it was a trick or what the consequences could be because of their undocumented status. So, to fill all those spots in one day was really telling of how we’ve built up trust with undocumented families in our community.” Cubel partnered with organizations that already conduct outreach with the local Latin X community, including La Plaza, the Hispanic Affairs Project and School District 51, to promote OmniSalud’s open enrollment.

That trust became apparent when the Family Resource Center successfully enrolled 112 individuals in OmniSalud during open enrollment. They had anticipated only a third of this volume, so to accommodate the surprising number of applicants, the entire Family Resource Center staff pitched in to lend a hand. Staff members directed parking, guided people where to go, handed out water and offered Spanish translation services. Brian Luby, a Health Access Guide, said, “Without that willingness to just jump in and help, we would have only enrolled a fraction of the people and not nearly as smoothly.”

Sally Valdez, a Health Access Guide, recalls the first man she helped that day. “He was visibly sick and did not look well. He said he just wanted to get back to work so he could support his family.” Without insurance, residents without documentation often seek medical attention only in an emergency, as regular preventative care can be too expensive. Now, thanks to OmniSalud, many more people can access consistent, afford-able primary care and avoid costly medical emergencies. Valdez adds, “Helping someone who is vulnerable, even though they may not be representing legally in the country, is really important.”

In a safe and welcoming environment, the Family Resource Center helps people regardless of their residential status or language. By removing these barriers, Hilltop can connect individuals to vital programs and services. Luby remarks, that getting [individuals] in for insurance is amazing, but now we can say ‘Hey, you need help with food? Let’s get you enrolled for SNAP’ [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] and help them even further.” That is the value of having multiple resources in one place, where one connection can easily lead to another.

Hilltop puts people first and creates a community where everyone belongs.

Guided by Our "Why"

Hilltop Finds Answers in People, Participation, and Perspective

We have options in life. Identifying why we do what we do brings clarity and meaning to our journey. Throughout our nearly 75 year history, Hilltop’s name, location and programs have all changed and evolved, but our core purpose has remained a constant. We know why we do what we do: Hilltop is driven by the belief that creating connections between people builds a healthy, supportive community where everyone belongs. That is our “why.” And it takes many willing people who support, participate and work with us to keep it true.

We asked board members, employees, volunteers and residents to share their reasons for embracing Hilltop’s mission. Hilltop Board Member, Raul DeVillegas-Decker, a clinical psychologist, said he joined the board because “Hilltop takes care of everybody from cradle to grave. . . [F]or me the fact that Hilltop is interested in the whole person and its development, its lifespan, was very appealing.” DeVillegas’s acknowledgment of the breadth of our programs is spot on. Hilltop connects pregnant women to prenatal care through our B4 Babies program and keeps families healthy and supported through programs like Parents as Teachers, Family First, Cooking Matters and many others. And as community members age, we ensure older adults stay connected to their community and maintain a sense of belonging. To that end, our Senior Daybreak program offers a safe and socially engaging environment for older adults with memory loss as well as respite for their caregivers. In our Save our Seniors (SOS) program, volunteers provide free transportation to homebound seniors for medical appointments and weekly shopping.

“I feel confident we have this organization in town that is looking out for the community.”

Raul De Villegas-Decker | Board Member

Another key aspect of Hilltop’s commitment to support seniors and strengthen community ties is our Senior Living Communities, initiated over 20 years ago. Hilltop recognized the critical need for both quality assisted living options and a broader sustainability strategy. This led to the creation of The Commons, The Fountains, and The Cottages, where the essence of Hilltop’s mission and values is evident in every story we share, meal we serve and hand we hold.

Betty Archuletta, a resident of The Cottages since 2019, first heard about Hilltop while working in Gunnison when an injured lineman from her workplace was sent to Hilltop’s discontinued Rehabilitation Hospital. Years later, Betty chose Hilltop’s assisted living community because of the fantastic care staff and maintenance team. “Everyone is so kind,” she said. Betty added her number one reason for choosing The Cottages was knowing her husband, whose health was failing, would be safe and cared for by such wonderful people. She said it was “tremendous” when she learned that her decision to live at The Cottages also supported valuable Hilltop programs in the community she calls home.

“I really felt like it was important for their mental health and physical health. It’s really rewarding to see how excited they are that the activities are happening again.”

Cindy Neal | Volunteer, Ken Kitzman Winner 2023

Lupita Baltazar plays a crucial role connecting families and individuals with safe, appropriate housing as Hilltop’s Housing Navigator in Delta County. Recently, she found housing for a family who had been sleeping outside on the court-house steps.

“Finding affordable housing is hard right now,” Lupita said. And while her role is to take care of others, she insists Hilltop takes care of her.

“Hilltop, they truly care,” says Lupita, “How they say, ‘People First’ … they mean it for yourself too.” Hilltop does value its employees and understands that people do their best when they’re supported. At Hilltop, building a healthy internal community is very important. We express appreciation to employees through monthly Mission Awards and milestone-year Pop-Up Parties and celebrate them at the Employee Recognition Banquet and Holiday Party.

Volunteers are also an integral part of Hilltop. Our mission gains strength from the 120 volunteers who dedicated 10,698 hours of service to our programs this last year. Offering a broad range of ways to give back invites volunteers to connect to programs that are meaningful to them. Their volunteer experience reinforces their connection to the community and the individuals we serve.

Volunteer Victim Specialist with the District Attorney’s Office, David Morlan, chose to collaborate with Hilltop because of the quality and consistency of our services. David has worked closely with Hilltop’s intimate partner and domestic violence program and says, “I believe in what Latimer House is doing. The staff and caseworkers are so great to work with. . . and I’ve gotten feedback from the victims I’ve sent there. Latimer House does it well.” Morlan sees first-hand how connecting victims to a supportive, caring community can have a great impact on their healing journey.

While the reasons may be varied, Hilltop consistently unites people in a shared purpose: connecting people and building community.

“I get to make a difference each day. Finding housing for people and helpong them stay housed really impacts their lives positively, and I’m glad to be a part of that.”

Lupita Baltazar | Housing Navigator, Hilltop Community Resources

“Hilltop seems like it’s always been here. So, when it came time for me to make a decision, I knew this was where I wanted to be.”

Pat Hensen | Cottages Resident

Nominated by their coworkers, Mission Award winners exemplify the spirit of Hilltop through their dedication to fostering meaningful connections, maintaining unwavering integrity, demonstrating courage in the face of challenges, promoting inclusivity, embracing personal and professional growth, and infusing a sense of joy and fun into their work environment. The awards celebrate those who go above and beyond, making a lasting impact on Hilltop’s culture and mission. 

January - Sally Valdez, Health Access Guide

Sally has been a resource Navigator with 211 for over a year and a half. Sally is quiet and reserved by nature but over time we have seen the deep level of commitment and passion Sally has for helping people. Early on Sally demonstrated the value of courage as this position pushed out of her comfort zone in relation to technology. 211 utilizes several databases and spreadsheets and though Sally was nervous when going through training she pushed through and conquered her fears and has become more than proficient in the use of 211’s technology. She also showed courage and growth when 211 started processing SNAP applications. Though Sally was worried about taking that on, she put 100% effort into learning the system and has not only personally grown in her confidence but has helped to significantly increase the number of SNAP applications that we process at the FRC. Sally completes about 50% of the SNAP applications for the FRC and has helped to significantly increase the number of Spanish-speaking SNAP applicants and Spanish-speaking calls to 211. Sally is passionate about assisting the Spanish-speaking population and demonstrates the values of relationships and inclusivity by always jumping at the chance to be involved whether it is attending an event, advocating for our services or providing interpretation services at the office. Sally is always willing to step up and help other programs in the FRC when Spanish interpretation is needed, such as helping Health Access with health insurance enrollments and helping with walk-ins at the FRC. Even when working with individuals outside of the  211 program, Sally brings the same compassion, grace and kindness as she does every day to our 211 callers. Sally radiates positivity and always greets you with a huge smile no matter what she is doing, even when she was the only 211 resource navigator for several months. Her consistency, strength, teamwork and passion has helped to move the 211 team forward and we are so very lucky to have her on our team and at Hilltop. 

February - Victoria Martin, People Ops Generalist

Victoria has been a Hilltopper for two years and every single day, she is the biggest supporter of not only Hilltop but also our mission and values. As she brings on new employees, she is so kind, warm and welcoming. She walks every person through the Hilltop new hire experience while individualizing their experience as they need. She is passionate about providing a great experience to not only the new hires but also every supervisor and manager who has to recruit. She has touched so many of our lives and has done so in a kind, professional, and impactful way. Her positive attitude is infectious with everyone she encounters during her day. We couldn’t ask for a better representative to be one of the first people that new Hilltoppers get to know as they begin their journey.

During the two years she has worked alongside us, Victoria has embraced her personal growth by continuing to seek feedback, find new ways to learn, and take advantage of development opportunities. She lives our value of courage by never backing down from something out of her comfort zone and being vulnerable about this to others. This behavior encourages others to feel safe to also express their feelings in a productive and growth-oriented way. Her display of integrity is one for the books – she always takes full ownership of not only her successes but also where she could have done something differently.

Hilltop would not be the same without Victoria, and we are so thankful she chooses to put People First every day.

March - Espy Saenz, Care Specialist BIS

I would like to recommend Espy Saenz for the March Mission Award Winner. She has been a constant on our campus since she first signed on. Espy continually shows up and exhibits all of the Hilltop Values while demonstrating her knowledge of The 5 Things. Espy blends the two together in a way that has made her very successful both with her coworkers and our residents. She has not missed a single day of work, her two year mark was Feb 26th, as she puts our residents on her list of priorities. Espy has provided her voice on a larger scale than LAP as she is in the Next Gen committee helping to discuss friction points as they arise. She is continuously looking for ways to improve herself and she shows that by actively seeking out trainings Hilltop offers that will help her achieve that goal. One of the trainings that was offered to her on the BIS Campus was Point Staff training. Espy is one of the reasons I know that the Care Supervisors/Care Managers can feel secure if ever point staff is needing to be used. She handles all calls and situations with a sense of calm that just reassures every party that even if the problem can’t be solved in the moment, Espy is on the case.

April - Tyler Seacrest, Infrastructure Admin II

Tyler’s job in IT is behind the scenes, so it’s not always obvious to people outside of IT how much he contributes to the overall operation of Hilltop’s technology. He is instrumental to keeping our daily operations running smoothly, and, when trouble happens, he is always one to which we turn because of his expertise and the fact that he can be counted upon to go the extra mile. Curiosity and initiative are built into his DNA, and he is known for coming up with creative, yet practical, solutions’. He is a go-to resource for all of our IT team and we rely heavily on him to help with every major project. He continually challenges the entire IT team, especially IT leadership, to actively learn and leverage new technology to improve our systems. He’s simply brilliant!

May - Mickie Vaill, Sourcing Specialist

Mickie always brings an upbeat willingness to help all Hilltoppers. She has been welcoming, encouraging, and a true team player. Mickie is always taking the extra time to help get everything everyone needs and doing it in a positive manner. She always has a smile and a kind word. The purchasing department would not be the same without her. Mickie, you are very appreciated and we am so happy to be working with you!

June - Ani Breedlove, Life Enrichment Manager

We cannot praise them enough. They have taken a role that I struggled to oversee and understand the purpose, and turned it into something we are proud to show off. They have proven to have been the perfect hire for this role and a perfect Hilltopper as well. Ani is amazing. Period.

They are smart, dedicated, a fast learner, a great teacher, and go well above and beyond what is ever expected this role to be. They accept every task given to them (and have to ask if it will add too much to their plate). They have taken our onboarding experience and gave it a 180 flip into a program that SLO can be proud of (and gets 100% of all new hires thru it). They are adaptable to the ever-changing requests from leadership. They are helping change our culture and are one of the best examples of how the “5ft Rule” is important. And to keep this short and sweet (without getting too emotional), they do this all with kindness and a smile. They recently asked for feedback and from over a dozen peers and supervisors, and every person struggled to find any areas that they needed to grow more in. This shows that Ani has done so well positively impacting the entire SLO team that they could say nothing but positives. We’re so proud of them and all they have accomplished in such a short time.

Ani has gone above and beyond in their role by doing the following:

  • Started (and kept going) a Fun committee, even when it was just a committee of 1
  • Joined and became a valuable person to the inclusivity+ committee
  • Joined and became a valuable asset to the Appreciation Banquet Committee
  • Got QMAP’d and has picked up extra shifts in care, along with covering QMAP shifts as DOD
  • Has gone to several HilltopU supervisor courses already and scheduled the remainder of the classes
  • Created beautiful graphs, data, and summaries for onboarding (that we never had before)
  • Started tracking our Net Promotor Score
  • They have made surveys fun and interactive so everyone’s voice is heard
  • They take time to make amazing powerpoint presentations and trainings for other supervisors to utilize

July - Blanca Padilla, CYDC Case Manager II

Relationship really is what binds all of our Hilltop Values together to support our ultimate mission of People First, and Blanca exemplifies relationship in every aspect of her roles within our organization. Blanca is deeply authentic in her engagement of the youth that she works with as a Youth Navigator, as well as with her coworkers and community partners. That skill of relationship has brought more youth through our programs and led to increased collaboration in our community around youth services. She is predictable and level headed even in very tough situations, and thus has been able to set healthy boundaries with the youth she works with, while also gaining their trust. She is truly changing lives. She is also a kind and unifying presence in our region, who is always bringing her coworkers together and helping to organize fun events. She seeks out folks that might feel left out, and makes them feel welcome and part of our team.

Blanca has also shown such courage and integrity throughout her internship process – she actively sought out feedback, was honest and humble when she did not know something, and showed (and continues to show) serious grit when she comes up against a problem. And through all of that, she has exemplified a commitment to growth through her internship and her willingness to take on new opportunities and ask questions. Through her excitement for growth opportunities, she has learned new systems and then had the courage to say “what if we did this?” and created new opportunities which have grown programs and the individuals participating in them.

Blanca is willing to have hard conversations about what is right and wrong, and does so in a kind way. She is committed to inclusivity and creates opportunities for youth and families in our community who historically might have been overlooked. She is honest and kind in all her interactions, and I think of Blanca as a role model, not only to our community’s youth, but to her coworkers, myself included.

August - Emilie Stickley, Digital Marketing Specialist II

Emilie exudes our mission and values every day. During her time with Hilltop, she has grown into new roles and skillsets asked of her with strength and courage. 

Emilie’s talent of helping make people feel comfortable in uncomfy situations is brilliant to watch. How many Hilltoppers have been on the other side of her photo/video lense and have been relaxed and comforted by her calming and comedic nature? We need those photos and videos to tell the Hilltop story and many people feel vulnerable in front of a camera. Emilie’s ability to hone in on relationships and get people to come out of their shells so their light can shine is unmatched.

Emilie is a champion for inclusivity. She educates and advocates with an unparalleled passion and is an integral part of the EDI committee helping inclusivity spread across our organization. If you have recently been on the educational site, that is all Emilie. She finds content, curates it, and designs the website so that it’s easily accessible to others.

As a timeliness factor, her work for Hilltop events is a huge part of why events shine. Her execution of ideas and the ability to take something from thought to tangible deliverable that resonates with an audience is amazing. The integrity, poise, and emotional maturity Emillie encompasses deserves to be highlighted. It’s wonderful to have an employee who demonstrates our values through the good times AND the hard times.

She might usually be behind the camera, but this is an employee that needs a moment in the spotlight and recognition for all she does both internally within Hilltop, and externally by how she represents Hilltop within our community.

September - Jeff Wright, Training & Onboarding Specialist BIS

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to nominate Jeff Wright for the Mission Award. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff over the course of his employment and find that he truly embraces the residents, this program, and Hilltop. He truly is an ambassador of Hilltop values.

Jeff takes the time to fully engage with participants/residents/co-workers to create meaningful moments and build relationships. He is authentic; in his behaviors and his words represent his true self.

Jeff’s integrity is unwavering as he always does what’s best for the residents and program. His integrity aligns with the program’s beliefs, attitudes, and personal values. He truly embraces our residents and staff by always looking at ways to support them through training, resident groups, establishing creative artistic expressions for the residents as well as supporting other departments to ensure they have the tools they need to be successful.

Jeff shows courage as he is the first one to identify in himself that he does not know everything and utilizes his resources. Jeff’s action of modeling courage has helped to support a culture of it is okay to not know everything and that utilizing other resources only allows for growth and building relationships.

Jeff always gives people grace—an opportunity to do/be better; he takes opportunities to educate others when they make a mistake rather than judge or punish them.

Jeff continues to look for growth opportunities and has taken on additional tasks to help support all,  programs and our residents. He reaches above to gain a greater knowledge of the overall program.

Jeff has brought fun not only to the residents but to the staff as well. Each week he brings in his personal equipment to do DJ Friday and he stayed committed to this since COVID started. He has also created the first LAP program yearbook and is vested in continuing this for years to come. Jeff has brought his band to campus to bring joy to the residents and staff.

I cannot express enough how honored I am to work with such an amazing person as I find him to be true, kind heart, supportive, passionate, dedicated, committed, compassionate, empathetic, and kind to all residents, staff, family, and all individuals he comes into contact with.


October - Milinda Stumbaugh, Care Dept. Manager, The Commons

Today, we proudly recognize Milinda Stumbaugh, a standout member whose unwavering commitment has not only embodied our values but also driven our mission forward. Milinda’s contributions to the Care Department at Hilltop have earned her multiple nominations for a well-deserved Mission Award.

Milinda has the extraordinary ability to form authentic connections with residents and colleagues. As one nomination noted, “Her genuine interest and sharp memory create a strong sense of community.” Milinda’s talent for fostering relationships has enriched our Hilltop community. Milinda’s journey at Hilltop began with a leap of courage as she embraced her role as Director of the Care Department. She quickly adapted, evaluating and improving department processes. Her dedication to integrity and accountability has been a driving force in her leadership.
Milinda’s leadership has been pivotal in the success of the Care Department. Her team’slongevity speaks volumes about her leadership abilities and commitment to growth.
Milinda champions inclusivity, demonstrating empathy and compassion in herinteractions with individuals in our care and their families. She actively addressesconcerns, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued.
Milinda’s vibrant personality and commitment to infusing fun into her work make her adelight to work with. Described as “intelligent, dedicated, consistent, creative, and fun,”Milinda’s enthusiasm creates a positive atmosphere that resonates throughout Hilltop.
Milinda’s journey at Hilltop is a testament to her embodiment of our values and mission.She exemplifies “People First” and has left a mark through her dedication, compassion,and commitment to growth. Milinda’s contributions underscore the importance of livingour values daily. We present her with the well-deserved Mission Award, thanking her forher outstanding service and for embodying what makes Hilltop exceptional.

November - Tristan Delahanty, Care Department Manager, The Commons

Today, we proudly recognize Tristan Delahanty, a standout member whose unwavering commitment does not only embody our values but also drives our mission forward. Tristan was nominated by multiple employees for the Hilltop’s Mission Award who have personally witnessed his commitment to Hilltop and the Commons.

Tristan’s genuine and caring nature cultivates strong bonds with both staff and residents, fostering a sense of community within Hilltop. His willingness to support employees in all aspects, cover shifts and lead through working alongside others, reflects the People First mission of Hilltop. “Tristan goes above and beyond and always comes in when needed. He stays as long as necessary, consistently ensuring that the staff is taken care of. He greets everyone kindly and is well bonded with the residents. Tristan is a genuine person and someone to trust, a great asset to this company.”

Tristan’s approachability and readiness to assist in any situation demonstrate Hilltop’s purpose of creating connections and building community. His actions create an environment where everyone feels supported. “”Anyone can go to Tristan for any situation, and he will provide a response or direct them in the right direction. He consistently goes the extra mile for employees and residents alike, showcasing unparalleled dedication, hard work, and passion. Tristan’s commitment makes him an inspiration and a figure we all look up to.”

He shows a commitment to personal and professional growth, inspiring others to do the same. Despite challenges, Tristan maintains a positive attitude and a smile, infusing fun into the workplace, making it an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere.

Tristan’s dedication, hard work, passion, and overall excellence truly make him an inspiration at Hilltop. His unwavering commitment to our values and mission is evident in the words of his colleagues. It is with great pleasure that we present Tristan with the Mission Award, recognizing him for his outstanding contributions to Hilltop and for being a shining example of what it means to put “People First.”

December - Angie Eustice, Purchasing Manager

Angie is a fantastic leader for the purchasing team. She has built valued relationships with Hilltoppers by being always able and willing to help. She demonstrates courage and growth in her willingness to be vulnerable, and to grow from those experiences. She does a great job of meeting people where they’re at, and working with everyone as individuals. She values fun with her team while holding them to a high level of excellence.  

I have seen the purchasing grow so much over the last year under her leadership. She has really been able to bring them together as a high-functioning team, always going above-and-beyond when warranted, and holding firm on boundaries when requests are out-of-scope. I am proud of all the universally-positive feedback I get from stakeholders across the company, and grateful to have her on my team.

Hilltop's Next Gen Board

Front row: Sandra Acevedo | Isaiah Simon | Tasia Schwab | John Madison | Regan Clements | Aura Tusberg | Sadie Courtney | Emilie Stickley

Middle row: Rebecca Weitzel | TJ VanRoosendaal | Lacie Petersen | Stefanie Priard | Abbie Leinbach | Espy Saenz | Will Hays

Back row: Mike Stahl | Brian Luby | Tom Smith

 In 2021, Hilltop created the NextGen Board, comprised of employees under 35 representing the broad range of programs and services within the organization. NextGen hosts monthly meetings with senior level leadership to discuss concerns, ideas, and solutions; fostering open dialogue and giving a voice to the next generation of Hilltop leaders. Many organizational changes have grown from these discussions – most recently, championing wage increases for Hilltop staff and lowering the sabbatical time requirement from ten to five years of employment. The creation of the NextGen Board has empowered members to make impactful change and create a brighter future for Hilltop.  

Focus on: Brain Injury Services

The Life Adjustment Program (LAP) at Hilltop’s Brain Injury Services has been providing residential care for adults who are survivors of brain injuries since 1985. Located on Hilltop’s Bacon Community Campus, LAP is one of the few long-term assisted and supportive living programs for adults with brain injuries in the United States. LAP provides residents with a comprehensive care plan that supports the individual’s social, emotional and physical needs. This unique social model provides diverse opportunities for residents to interact with each other and with the community at large. LAP supports residents to achieve maximum self-sufficiency to live a full life with laughter, love and joy.

Hilltop Financials

Fiscal year ending 7.31.2023

2023 Hilltop Leadership Team

Mike Stahl, CEO

Will Hays, President

Carter Bair, CFO

Jed Balestrieri, COO

Rebecca Weitzel, CPO

Angie Wickersham, VP Assisted Living Communities

Hollie VanRoosendaal, VP Community Programs


Debbie Aull, Director Information Technology

Timindra Boyer, Director The Commons

Kellee Echave, Director Corporate Administration

Joy Hamilton, Director Community Services

Don Kendall, Director Property Services

Tracy Louis-Marie, Director Marketing & Development

Nathan Oberle, Director Fiscal Services

Jon Tadvick, Director Senior Living Communities

Tena Quillen, Director Brain Injury Services

TJ VanRoosendaal, Director Community Services

Ali Weatherby, Director People Operations

t2023 Hilltop Board of Directors

Jennifer Stoll, PHD, Chair | Stoll Sports Strategies

Matt Lewis, Vice Chair | Mesa County Criminal Justice Services

Stephanie Rubinstein, Past Chair | Rider & Quesenberry, LLC

Jennifer Landini, Secretary | Bank of the San Juans

Raul DeVillegas-Decker | RDV Executive Consulting Group, LLC

Becky Hobart | Ariel Clinical Services

Korrey Klein, MD | Family Health West

Sarah Menge | Nuclear Care Partners

Cassie Mitchell | HopeWest

Tearsa Olson | Mesa County 21st Judicial District

Angela Padalecki, Past Chair | GJ Regional Airport

Jennifer Reyes | San Slejo Commercial Funding, LLC

Spencer Rockwell | Colorado Mesa University

Matt Rosenberg | RoseCap Financial Advisors

Brigitte Sundermann | Colorado Mesa University Tech

2023 GVA Management Board of Directors

Mike Stahl, President | Hilltop Community Resources

Joanna Little, Vice President | ReMax 4000

Rita Crumpton, Secretary | Retired

Jennifer Reyes, Liaison | San Alejo Commercial Funding, LLC

Buzz Moore | Retired

Joe Taylor | Retired

Dick Thompson | Retired

Ken Watkins | GJ Fire Department

With Gratitude

Thank you to our generous fundors, community partners, and donors.

Foundations and Grantors 2022 - 2023

Alpine Bank

Area Agency on Aging (Mesa & Montrose counties)

Bacon Family Foundation

Bombas Socks

Buckle Up for Life

Buell Foundation

City of Grand Junction

Colorado Combined Campaign

Colorado Community Response

Colorado Department of Early Childhood

Colorado Department of Education

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing

Colorado Department of Human Services    

Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Colorado Diaper Program

Colorado Fatherhood Project

Community Development Block Grant

Colorado Division of Criminal Justice

Colorado Domestic Violence Program

Colorado Judicial Department                       

Colorado Respite Coalition

Colorado Sexual Assault Response Program 

Community Hospital

Connect for Health Colorado

Colorado Sexual Health Initiative

Daniels Fund

Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation

El Pomar Foundation

Emergency Solutions Grant

Family Resource Center Association

FCI Constructors, Inc.

First United Methodist Church                      

Illuminate Colorado

Incredible Years/Invest in Kids

Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction

Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visit

Mesa County Community Services Block Grant

Mesa County Core Services                           

Mesa County Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Montrose Community Foundation

Nina Garde Trust

Parent Possible

Pinnacol Assurance

Promoting Safe and Stable Families

Rocky Mountain Health Foundation

Rocky Mountain Health Plans                        

Sam S. Bloom Foundation                              

St. Mary’s Hospital                                         

Telluride Foundation

Tjx Foundation

United HealthCare                                         

United Way of Mesa County

US Bank                                                          

Victim/Witness Assistance (VALE)                 

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)                         

Wal-Mart Foundation                                    

Western Colorado Community Foundation   

Western Colorado Community Foundation/Waldeck Endowment Fund

Western Colorado Community Foundation/Bruce Dixson Fund

WG Christianson Foundation

Wilson Family Foundation


Major Donors

Alpine Bank
American Antique Lumber
Ariel Clinical Services
AutopayChecks Inc
Brian Bray
Carole Moritz
Carpetime, Inc.
Chamberlin Architects
Chesnick Realty, LLC
City of Grand Junction
Colorado 500 Club
Community Hospital
Curtis Smith
Daniels Fund
Darrell Needham
Daughters American Revolution
David and Kristy Grossmann
David F. Smith and Shanna Rendon
David Morlan
David West
Deep Creek, Inc.
Doug Hovde
Ed Bozarth Cheverolet and Buick
El Pomar Foundation

Family Health West
FCI Constructors, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable
Flunison Fund
Gene Kinsey
George Wheeler
Gordon and Lay Chin Nicholson
Grand Junction Regional Airport
Gudrun Rice and Charles Kerr
Home Loan & Investment Company
IMA of Colorado
Jen Zeuner
John Boulden
Kiwanis Club of Grand Junction
Laura May Bacon
Lawrence Mckenna
Linde and John Marshall
Luanne Ryman
Marjorie Fox
Mesa County Sheriff’s Office
Michael and Mike Masters
Mike and Kathy Moran
Moody Insurance Agency
Natalie and Christopher Haines
Nina B. Garde Trust
Patricia Powell
Petronilo Martinez
Postpartum Support International
Primary Care Partners
Q Real Estate Services LLC
Quality Health Network

Rebecca and Barry Weitzel
Republic Services
Richard and Marsha Arnold
Richard Gamble
Robert and Karen Chalfant
Roots LLC
Sam S. Bloom Foundation
Sandra and Robert Nicholson
Sequent Information Services
Skyline Contracting
St. Mary’s Hospital
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
Steve and Lysa Erkenbrack
Stinker Stores
Tanner Fundingsland
Terry Pickens
The Giving Club
TJX Companies, Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank
Whitewater Building Materials
Wilson Family Foundation
Western Slope Triple Play
Wells Fargo Wealth Management